PotBS has a new Game Web Site!

One of the greatest lacks for PotBS over the past few years has been that it had no Web Site to call its own. No place that showcased it as a title, and would allow prospective players insight into why they would want to play it. No place for new players to even find it and learn about it.

This lack of a showcase, with Screenshots, Videos and much more, was felt to be a major missed opportunity, and so Vision undertook the design and launch of a new PotBS Web Site!

This Site (which you are seeing) will dovetail into our Social Media Marketing Campaigns, and help bring ever-more Captains to the Burning Sea.

The initial launch of the Website will be in English, but it will soon thereafter be followed by Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch and Russian versions. While the web site will automatically choose which version to display based on Visitors’ Web Browser settings, Visitors will also be able to manually select different languages.

The intent of this (coupled with our in-game Automatic Chat Translation System)  is to provide non-English-speaking players a consistent native-language experience from the initial Marketing leading them to our Web Site, to the Installer and then finally in the Launched game.