Subscription vs Free-to-Play

The Live Servers (Roberts & Antigua), are currently running v2.17 of PotBS, and are Free to Play.

The Legacy Server (Legacy), which is running v2.10 of PotBS, requires an Active Subscription to play.

After creating an Account (or logging in to an existing Account), you can choose which Game Client to install on the DOWNLOADS page. Most people actually install both versions, so they can play on both Live and Legacy Servers. Note that you can only see the Servers of the same Version as your Game Client -- so when running the Live Server Client, you will only see Roberts, Antigua and Test. Running the Legacy Client will only show Legacy.

Even if you are mainly playing on Legacy, Players receive the following benefits across their entire Account when a Subscription is active -- which includes the Live Servers:

  • 6 Character Slots per Nation
  • 10 Economy Slots per Account
  • 5 Ship Slots per Character
  • Dry Dock (100 Ship Storage Slots per Character)
  • Epic Missions Unlocked
  • Dry Dock Storage Unlocked
  • Society Creation without Charter
  • +10% Increased XP Gain
  • +10% Increased Loot Chance
  • +10% Increased Faction Gain
  • +20% Discount on Purchases made with Burning Sea Points

Subscription is an easy way to greatly boost your Account's power and flexibility -- plus, it opens the door to Legacy! All of the various Subscription packs and discounts can be viewed in the BSN Store by visiting the Game Web Site at, logging in and clicking on BSN STORE at the top-left of the page.